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Safety in the ICU

Trends in Critical Care

February 8, 2017


Critical care is one of the most challenging and important areas of healthcare. Nurses, doctors, and researchers are constantly looking for new ways to improve patient care, worker safety, and efficiency in critical care units like the ICU.

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    Nurses can Improve Infection Control

    January 16, 2017


    Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) occur in approximately 4 to 10 percent of hospitalized patients and account for more than 1,700,000 infections per year in the USA alone. In the ICU and Anesthesia, this concern is even greater considering the pressure on ICU nurses and CRNA’s as well as the critical condition of the patients.

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      A Review of Advances in the Field of Anesthesia

      December 19, 2016


      Advancements and innovations in anesthesia have vastly improved the quality of care provided to patients, as well as the safety and performance of CRNAs and anesthetists.

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        Patient Safety in the ICU

        march 1, 2018


        Patient safety has become a major concern in the healthcare industry.To raise awareness for patient safety, the World Health Organisation celebrates Patient Safety Day on December 9th every year.

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