Safety is in the details

Safety in the ICU

The Challenges of Pain Management

May 9, 2016


Pain management is one of the biggest challenges for nurses in critical care and anesthesia settings, as there are many considerations to be considered when deciding on the correct treatment.

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    National Nurses Day 2016

    April 26, 2016


    Florence Nightingale was an English social reformer and largely considered the founder of modern nursing. At the age of 24, Nightingale said she felt "called by God to help the poor and sick" – which became her life mission.

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      Needle Stick Injuries: Management and Prevention

      April 20, 2016


      Ironically, while caring for the health of others, healthcare staff put themselves at risk. Needle stick injuries carry the risk of infection to healthcare staff, which may even prove fatal and are sometimes hard to detect even years after they occur

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        5 Mistakes ICU Staff Make to Cause Infection and How to Prevent Them

        March 28, 2016


        Certified Nurses Day is coming up on March 19th, and it’s a great opportunity to show appreciation for all the hard work and professionalism that nurses demonstrate, with a smile on their face and a kind word, despite the challenging conditions in which they are required to work.

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