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Safety in the ICU

Facing down intraluminal contamination risks with innovative stopcock design

April 1, 2018


Stopcocks have a mixed reputation among medical staff who use them. On the one hand, the device simplifies infusion, blood sampling and drug administration routines and is included in many standard procedures. On the other hand, research has validated the concern of increased risk of intraluminal contamination when using stopcocks.

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    CLABSI prevention challenges

    December 18, 2017


    Majority of CLABSIs are related to the use of central venous catheters and are in fact one of the most important complication in critical care.

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      CDC Guidelines for catheter related infection prevention in ICU

      December 03, 2017


      The burden of infection control is even greater in critically ill patients, as they are naturally weakened by their state of health.

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        Efforts to Reduce Risk of Error in Anesthesia Drug Administration

        October 10, 2017


        Just the thought triggers a sense of unease for any anesthetist, CRNA and medical practitioner responsible for any aspect of drug administration in a hospital environment.

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          Patient Safety in Anesthesia - Recent Advances

          September 14, 2017


          Patient safety is paramount in all aspects of medicine and medical care, but there is a particular concern for safety and injury prevention in the perioperative setting where the patient is often exposed to significant risk

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            The Complications of Obesity and Anesthesia

            August 16, 2017


            The rise in obesity rates is a major concern for healthcare providers. In addition to seeing more and more patients suffer from obesity-related conditions, it is also more complex to provide healthcare to these individuals.

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              The Challenges of Intubation in the OR and the ICU

              July 19, 2017


              The process of intubation might seem like a routine task in hospitals, it’s a critical procedure that requires special care and attention.

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                Telemedicine and Nursing Care in Intensive Care Units

                June 15, 2017


                The healthcare industry continues to evolve as we find new ways to leverage technology to provide better care for patients.

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                  The Role of Nurses Inside and Outside the Hospital

                  May 11, 2017


                  International Nurses Day is here again and we want to take the time to shed light on what makes nurses so valuable to hospitals and their communities.

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                    Successfully Treating Elderly Patients in the ICU

                    April 13, 2017


                    As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, hospitals are seeing a big increase in elderly patients. In critical care units, such as the ICU, there has always been a higher percentage of elderly patients compared to other hospital departments, but even those numbers are increasing.

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                      Elcam summary of EfCNNa conference

                      March 15, 2017


                      EfCNNa is an annual and major event in critical care, in which doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals discuss various topics, searching for ways to improve patient critical care.

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                        Preventing and Managing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

                        February 22, 2017


                        Chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) is a serious problem affecting millions of patients each year. The latest research estimates that between 10% and 30% of surgical patients experience persistent pain one year following their surgical procedure.

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                          Trends in Critical Care

                          February 8, 2017


                          Critical care is one of the most challenging and important areas of healthcare. Nurses, doctors, and researchers are constantly looking for new ways to improve patient care, worker safety, and efficiency in critical care units like the ICU.

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                            Nurses can Improve Infection Control

                            January 16, 2017


                            Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) occur in approximately 4 to 10 percent of hospitalized patients and account for more than 1,700,000 infections per year in the USA alone. In the ICU and Anesthesia, this concern is even greater considering the pressure on ICU nurses and CRNA’s as well as the critical condition of the patients.

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                              A Review of Advances in the Field of Anesthesia

                              December 19, 2016


                              Advancements and innovations in anesthesia have vastly improved the quality of care provided to patients, as well as the safety and performance of CRNAs and anesthetists.

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                                Patient Safety in the ICU

                                march 1, 2018


                                Patient safety has become a major concern in the healthcare industry.To raise awareness for patient safety, the World Health Organisation celebrates Patient Safety Day on December 9th every year.

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                                  Precision Medicine and ICU Care

                                  November 16, 2016


                                  Innovations in technology have made the world more personalized. Although much of this innovation is led by marketing endeavors, personalization is a rising trend in all industries – including healthcare.

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                                    7 Medical Inventions that Changed Hospitals Forever

                                    November 1, 2016


                                    It’s almost impossible to imagine life without modern medicine and healthcare facilities. However, many of the technologies and procedures we take for granted weren’t even available 100 years ago.

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                                      World Anesthesia Day-a tribute to the benefits of painless medicine

                                      October 16, 2016


                                      Anesthesia is one of the most important discoveries in the history of medicine and has completely revolutionized the quality of healthcare that patients can receive.

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                                        5 Ways to Improve Staff Safety in Healthcare

                                        October 2, 2016


                                        Working in the healthcare profession is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose, but working in healthcare also puts your own health at risk.

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                                          Potential Causes of Sepsis and How to Avoid It

                                          September 20, 2016


                                          Sepsis is a serious concern for hospitals, and the problem seems to be getting worse.

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                                            5 Mistakes in Anesthesia and How to Avoid Them

                                            September 4, 2016


                                            Nearly 40 million anesthesia procedures are conducted each year in the USA. The ability to administer anesthesia is one of the great achievements of modern medicine. However, as with any medical process, there is always potential for error.

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                                              Saving time with Marvelous™

                                              August 15, 2016


                                              The Marvelous™ stopcock offers nurses a truly marvelous alternative to the standard stopcock, because of its unique “self-flushing” feature.

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                                                The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Preventing Hospital Infections

                                                August 1, 2016


                                                Hospital acquired infections cause approximately 99,000 deaths in the USA per year [1]. Every year 1.7 million people in the USA acquire an infection during hospitalization.

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                                                  Tubing and Luer connectors disconnections and safety for staff and patients

                                                  July 17, 2016


                                                  Tubing and Luer disconnections are a major concern that often results in serious complications for the patient. However, the good news is that the majority of the critical scenarios can be easily prevented with the right protocols and equipment.

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                                                    Addressing the Misconnections Issue

                                                    July 1, 2016


                                                    Creating universal standards for small-bore connectors that include sufficient differences between connectors for different purposes, can eliminate the risk of misconnections. Icreasing patient safety and improving the quality of medical care will be the final result

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                                                      The Risks of treatment with Lipids and other Aggressive Substances for Patients and Medical Staff

                                                      June 14, 2016


                                                      Treatment in ICU and OR frequently involves the use of lipids and other aggressive substances that carry with it health risks for patients and medical staff.

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                                                        AACN and WCNA – Elcam Meeting Nurses – Conference Summary

                                                        June 1, 2016


                                                        Elcam attended two conferences during May 2016; AACN and WCNA. These two conferences were a dedicated opportunity for Elcam’s teams to meet the main segment using the company products - nurses.

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                                                          The Challenges of Pain Management

                                                          May 9, 2016


                                                          Pain management is one of the biggest challenges for nurses in critical care and anesthesia settings, as there are many considerations to be considered when deciding on the correct treatment.

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                                                            National Nurses Day 2016

                                                            April 26, 2016


                                                            Florence Nightingale was an English social reformer and largely considered the founder of modern nursing. At the age of 24, Nightingale said she felt "called by God to help the poor and sick" – which became her life mission.

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                                                              Needle Stick Injuries: Management and Prevention

                                                              April 20, 2016


                                                              Ironically, while caring for the health of others, healthcare staff put themselves at risk. Needle stick injuries carry the risk of infection to healthcare staff, which may even prove fatal and are sometimes hard to detect even years after they occur

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                                                                5 Mistakes ICU Staff Make to Cause Infection and How to Prevent Them

                                                                March 28, 2016


                                                                Certified Nurses Day is coming up on March 19th, and it’s a great opportunity to show appreciation for all the hard work and professionalism that nurses demonstrate, with a smile on their face and a kind word, despite the challenging conditions in which they are required to work.

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                                                                  Why Certified Nurses Day is Important for Hospitals

                                                                  March 12, 2016


                                                                  Certified Nurses Day is coming up on March 19th, and it’s a great opportunity to show appreciation for all the hard work and professionalism that nurses demonstrate, with a smile on their face and a kind word, despite the challenging conditions in which they are required to work.

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                                                                    Early Goal-Directed Therapy and the Challenge of Sepsis Management

                                                                    March 8, 2016


                                                                    Early Goal Directed Therapy (EGDT) was first proposed by Rivers et al in 2001, as a hemodynamic optimization protocol, proven to reduce mortality rates in cases of sepsis or septic shock.

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                                                                      I agree. This is especially important to closely monitor pts in the ED who have s&S of Sepsis, especially if they are already in early organ failure.

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                                                                      Complications associated with intravenous fluid regulation

                                                                      February 2, 2016


                                                                      Complications associated with intravenous fluid regulation and how an inappropriate fluid therapy protocol can easily put patients at risk of morbidity and mortality.

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                                                                        The danger of air embolism

                                                                        December 22, 2015


                                                                        As is commonly known, vascular air embolism occurs when air or gas enters the vascular system, and it is a rare but potentially fatal event.

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                                                                          First Recorded Stopcock Usage

                                                                          November 23, 2015


                                                                          The use of stopcocks in blood transfusion and fluid management has received a lot of press in recent years

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                                                                          Blood Splatter

                                                                          October 28, 2015


                                                                          Exposure to Blood in the ICU: The Risks, and a Solution

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                                                                            Nurse and burned baby reunite

                                                                            October 15, 2015


                                                                            There’s been a fair amount in the press lately about the nursing profession, ever since Miss America contestant Kelley Johnson chose to recite a monologue about her role as a caregiver for the talent portion of the event.

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                                                                              It’s National Sepsis Awareness Month

                                                                              September 29, 2015


                                                                              Why should we devote a full 30 days in September to spread the word about what sepsis is and what it does?

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                                                                                Preventing needlestick injuries in the ICU

                                                                                September 8, 2015


                                                                                As a critical care nurse, you know all too well the dangers of needlestick injuries in the ICU. And while caring for patients is your number one priority, keeping yourself safe is equally important.

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                                                                                  Hazards involved with anesthetic residues in IV lines in the ICU

                                                                                  August 6, 2015


                                                                                  In our recent three-part series on Infections in the ICU, we focused on device-assisted infections.

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                                                                                    Honoring Nursing Innovations

                                                                                    July 26, 2015


                                                                                    Ask any critical care nurse and he or she will tell you about how rewarding and challenging the ICU environment can be.

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                                                                                        Next Generation Stopcocks: Reducing Infections in the ICU -

                                                                                        July 7, 2015


                                                                                        While there are numerous devices used in conjunction with central venous catheters in the ICU to infuse medications and control the flow of fluids, none has held the promise, or created controversy, like the stopcock.

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                                                                                        Next Generation Stopcocks: Reducing Infections in the ICU

                                                                                        July 7, 2015


                                                                                        While there are numerous devices used in conjunction with central venous catheters in the ICU to infuse medications and control the flow of fluids, none has held the promise, or created controversy, like the stopcock.

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                                                                                          Infections in the ICU, Part 3

                                                                                          June 23, 2015


                                                                                          Now in this final installment, we’d like to highlight another device-assisted infection: catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs).

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                                                                                            Infections in the ICU, Part 2

                                                                                            June 09, 2015


                                                                                            In Part One of this series, we highlighted “Designing a Hospital to Better Fight Infection,” a Wall Street Journal article that profiled a Chicago hospital study designed to better understand the factors that influence bacterial population development in healthcare environments. The study is mapping “where hospital germs linger and what causes them to take root.”

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                                                                                              Infections in the ICU-Part 1

                                                                                              June 1, 2015


                                                                                              The “scourge of hospital-acquired infections” is how a recent article in The Wall Street Journal phrased it. In this piece entitled “Designing a Hospital to Better Fight Infection,” the author profiles a research project in Chicago and the team of scientists that is mapping “where hospital germs linger and what causes them to take root.”

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