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Safety in the ICU

Preventing needlestick injuries in the ICU

September 8, 2015


As a critical care nurse, you know all too well the dangers of needlestick injuries in the ICU. And while caring for patients is your number one priority, keeping yourself safe is equally important.

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    Hazards involved with anesthetic residues in IV lines in the ICU

    August 6, 2015


    In our recent three-part series on Infections in the ICU, we focused on device-assisted infections.

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      Honoring Nursing Innovations

      July 26, 2015


      Ask any critical care nurse and he or she will tell you about how rewarding and challenging the ICU environment can be.

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          Next Generation Stopcocks: Reducing Infections in the ICU -

          July 7, 2015


          While there are numerous devices used in conjunction with central venous catheters in the ICU to infuse medications and control the flow of fluids, none has held the promise, or created controversy, like the stopcock.

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