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Safety in the ICU

Patient Safety in Anesthesia - Recent Advances

September 14, 2017


Patient safety is paramount in all aspects of medicine and medical care, but there is a particular concern for safety and injury prevention in the perioperative setting where the patient is often exposed to significant risk

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    The Complications of Obesity and Anesthesia

    August 16, 2017


    The rise in obesity rates is a major concern for healthcare providers. In addition to seeing more and more patients suffer from obesity-related conditions, it is also more complex to provide healthcare to these individuals.

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      The Challenges of Intubation in the OR and the ICU

      July 19, 2017


      The process of intubation might seem like a routine task in hospitals, it’s a critical procedure that requires special care and attention.

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        Telemedicine and Nursing Care in Intensive Care Units

        June 15, 2017


        The healthcare industry continues to evolve as we find new ways to leverage technology to provide better care for patients.

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